A typical morning in Ambai

  1. ahabua      kamihai      j-oa        bari     jau
    Tomorrow morning 1SG-stand REFL 1SG
    “Tomorrow morning I will get up.”
  2. i-fatan-o          ne-hu       rorong      poi.     i-fatang   kiai.
    1SG-make-O   POS-1SG bedroom  DEF 1SG-make   COMPL
    “I organize my bedroom, (till) I finish”
  3. i-ra-to            refui         fo.       i-rawa   i-nari  adia.
    1SG-go-DIR kitchen   DEF 1SG-go 1SG-make fire
    “I go to the kitchen.
    I go and make a fire.”
    Note: the word /refui/ which is glossed here as “kitchen” means literally “behind”, as the kitchen is behind the house.
  4. i-fafi           warangguai.   i-ruai  si.
    1SG-wash   plate.           1SG-wash  3SG.ACC
    “I wash a plate. I wash it.”
  5. ainanaya  i-rang-o        romang.            i-nari         anang.
    then      1SG-cook-O boiling-water   1SG-make   sago-pudding
    “Then I boil water.
    I make a sago pudding.”
  6. i-rang         diang. feaifa   i-ran-ai             kiai.
    1SG-cook   fish.     also     1SG-cook-3SG   COMPL.
    “I cook a fish, (till) I finish cooking.”
  7. i-sahu   ne-hu        dai,       ne-hu      
    1SG-call  POS-1SG father     POS-1SG mother
    ne-hu    roromang  tuti   ne-hu   rorowing.
    POS-1SG  brother  with    POS-1SG sister.
    “I call my father, my mother, my brother and my sister.”
  8. i-sahu     we coru    kiai.       co-roma.
    1SG-call  for 3TR COMPL 3TR-come.
    “I call to them all, and they come.”
    Note: We would expect here the usage of /ea/ (3PL) instead of /coru/ (3TR).
  9. tat-ampi, ta-tampi   kiai. 
    4PL-eat,   4PL-eat      COMPL.
    “We eat, (till) we finish eating.”
    Note: surprisingly the 4th person is used, instead of the 1st person, thus implying the inclusion of the addressee.
    This might be a narrative technique.
  10. j-utang-o      ne-hu       rorowing katui nei.   j-eo        tu-wo     to         romi   fo.
    1SG-ask-O   POS-1SG sister        small DEF. 1SG-tell 4DL-row   DIR    field   DEF.
     “I ask my small sister, that we row to the field.”